If you think you know about English folk music, think again! The Imagined Village project, the brainchild of producer and musician Simon Emmerson, has recast age-old traditions in the shape of the twenty-first century. A daring mix of ancient and modern, The Imagined Village fuses fiddles and squeezebox with dub beats and sitars.

Now available exclusively online is the Imagined Village limited edition 4 Track EP, featuring an extraordinary array of talent - Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Sheila Chandra, Billy Bragg, Chris Wood and Simon Emmerson.

EP Track Listing:

1. 'England Half English Meets John Barleycorn' was recorded and mixed by producer Simon Emmerson with Billy Bragg featuring Martin Carthy and Eliza Carthy. The spirit of the track, with its meeting of two songs, seemed in perfect keeping with the overall sentiment of The Imagined Village project

2. 'Acres of Ground (Beats Mix)' is an original song by Eliza Carthy, based around old traditional counting songs. Created through collaboration between Simon Emmerson and mix engineer Mass in their London Studio and Ben Ivitsky and Eliza in their Scottish studio. Another version of this song which will appear on the final album in a very different guise.

3. 'Welcome Sailor', a beautiful atmospheric collaboration between Sheila Chandra and Chris Wood, is a recording based on Lal Waterson's traditional interpretation of the original folk tune. This track will appear on the forthcoming Imagined Village album.

4. 'Cold, Hailey, Rainy Night - It's Turned Out Nice Mix by Stabilizer' grew out of a challenge set by The Imagined Village project on the Real World Remix website . The idea was to take this track - Transglobal Underground's interpretation of Martin Carthy's original track - and re-mix it. This song has been passed down from generation to generation through the oral tradition of folk music. It has now been re-invented in a radical fashion by the mysterious, uniquely- talented Stabilizer!

Those who were lucky enough to survive the mud at this July's WOMAD Festival in Charlton Park and were in the Siam Tent on the Saturday night were witness to the premiere of the live show - for many festival-goers this was the gig of the weekend!